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  1. Have you searched in the Knowledge Base yet?
  2. Have you looked and searched in the forum to see if other members are having the same problem?
  3. Is it a bug? Then please post it here in the forum.
  4. Is it a feature request? Then please post it here in the forum.
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  7. Bir problemi raporlarken, lütfen problemi olabildiğince detaylı bir şekilde açıklayınız. Özellikle sorun yaşadığınız aşamaları belirtiniz. Örneğin; hangi sayfayı ziyaret ettiniz, hangi istatistiklere baktınız vb. Açıklamanız ne kadar detaylı olursa, sorunuzu o kadar kısa sürede cevaplayabiliriz.

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We would prefer if you fill out the contact form and we will be in touch very shortly. We deal with so many customers (over 2,500,000!) it would be hard to keep the service profitable delivering a phone support service. Our e-mail support is excellent and we can ring you if the situation requires it.

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